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The caste system is just an effect of an attitude.

Posted on 18 April, 2016 at 3:45

The caste system is just an effect of an attitude.

With time, there is always a revolution around. Be it positive or negative, what happens before us is out of our control and we cannot make any judgement. Change in culture has been rapid and slow according to human’s attitude and judgment. As a result, the human history has witnessed both good and bad consequences of their judgment.

Call it a gift or whatever you may prefer, it is human intelligence that makes us special than any other living species on this earth. But many have failed to use this as a precious tool to fulfil our ultimate wishes. Rather they use it as a tool for elevated self-cherishing power leading to a culture which divides society into upper caste and lower caste.

Although caste is not printed on our DNA, it has pasted on our attitude to secure self-position in the community. As there is no shadow without light, they thought without lower caste system, they can no longer remain as superior, so they introduced cast systems. Since then they conquered our attitude and because of fear to lose one’s respect everyone in society has obeyed this system and kept own position on the track, firmly. Just like a bird’s feathers, everyone had pressed down one another.

Even today in the socialist and democratic world, many still fear to go beyond caste system, because we are not ready to demolish the image that has projected in our minds to cherish self. As long as there is no equal respect for others, it is hard to make a space to others to let them be in your position. It doesn’t matter how much you pretend to be an open person, there is still heaviness in your heart.

So the wall of inequality can be demolished only by cherishing and respecting self and others in an equal way. For that, we need to change our attitude to appreciate the mutual value of being human, in particular, and sentient being, in general.

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